Fair Use Policy

Kilsyth Bargain Centre are proud of what we sell!

Buy With Confidence
We are so confident about the Incomparable Quality of our furniture that we don’t offer the Standard 3, 6 or 12 month Warranty that Most Furniture retailers offer.
We offer a Full 2 Year Warranty against ALL Material and Labor Defects!
We’re so confident, we don’t care if you’re using it for Commercial or Domestic use.
If you can find Furniture with a better Warranty, BUY IT!
Any repairs required under Warranty will be rectification of the defect back to Full Original Specification.
Fair Use Policy
Our Fair Use Policy also states that if we can see your KILSYTH BARGAIN CENTRE brand furniture has been properly maintained and looked after, and a Manufacturing Defect occurs up to 5 Years after purchase, We will repair it to a standard reasonable for the age and condition of the furniture for FREE!
Obviously, this does not include Loss, Wear & Tear, Abrasion ,Accidental Damage, Corrosion or rust. This offer is of course, at the discretion of the Management.
Your Invoice/Receipt will be required.
As we said, If you can find Better Backed Furniture, BUY IT!